Fingerprint guestbooks may seem like a unique fun twist to a traditional guestbook, but photos on Pinterest only show the end result. Sure, it looks like a beautiful piece of art at the end of the night, but the process to get there can be a nightmare for your guests. A couple last weekend had their “guestbook” fingerprint tree out on display for their guests to sign as they walked up to their ceremony. The result was an extremely long line and many confused older guests puzzled on what was going on. Many stubborn guests in line that had been waiting a long time almost stayed to sign while the wedding party was getting ready to walk down the isle! If your heart is set on a fingerprint guestbook, here is what I would recommend.

Consider only having your guestbook out only during the reception (and cocktail hour if you are having one). Have your DJ or wedding coordinator announce to your guests that it will be out for the rest of the night and there is no need to rush.

Have someone stationed to explain to confused guests what is going on. This became part of my role at last weekend’s wedding once we realized what was going on. Your guests will have someone there to ask questions, and they will enjoy the warm smile and welcome.

Remember not to leave them with inked fingers! In the midst of hectic planning, this small detail can be easily forgotten. Your guests will not appreciate dipping their fingers into ink and getting their prints everywhere afterwards. Honestly, it’s not classy and looks very sloppy. The couple last week did a great job providing wipes at the guestbook table, but many of the guests did not see it. This is another example of how having someone stationed at the table is helpful. Have them pass out a wipe to each guest, and remember a place for your attendant to throw them away. You don’t want trash left all over the place!

Fingerprint trees and guestbooks have been a fad for the past year, and are beautiful in the end, but before you decide on any guestbook that is not traditional, make sure you play out the details so that you are prepared. Happy wedding!

Handcrafted Sonora Wedding
Photos by: Joleen Willis

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Bridesmaid dress of the week!

Victoria’s Bridal Couture brings you this After Six Bridesmaid Dress. Full length strapless lux chiffon dress w/ sweetheart neckline and pleated waistband at empire waist. Great reviews and only $142.74 right now found here!

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Photographer:  Anna Kim Photography 
Wedding Ceremony: The Four Seasons Lanai 12th Hole 
Wedding Gown: Vera Wang
Florals: Asa Floral 
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Solvang Ranch Wedding: Jillian + Adam
wedding rings
Source: http://greenweddingshoes.com/solvang-ranch-wedding-jillian-adam/

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Elegant Montana Ranch Wedding: Lindsay + Steve
mountain wedding invitations
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Jewelry find of the week!

Beautiful couture Freshwater Pearl & Swarovski Crystal Jewelry & Matching Tiara Band.

Found here for only $159.99!

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Shabby Chic Beach Wedding Ideas From This &; That Vintage Rentals
vintage wedding rentals
Source: http://www.weddingchicks.com/2012/03/23/shabby-chic-beach-wedding-ideas/

Wedding theme of the week!

Vintage weddings are beautiful, and an easy wedding theme to bring your own touches of creativity!

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How fun is this piñata filled with confetti!

My wedding pinata should be filled with all the same candies from childhood, plus tiny bottles of liquor and lots of hundred dollar bills. 



Most adorable bridal shower favors. Tea bags with gold spoon